Tree Evaluation

We perform tree evaluation on a weekly basis by monitoring and distinguishing tree characteristics at every stage in representative growing areas, providing the client with the full phenological sequence from budbreak to harvest, optimal harvest time, yield potential as well as identifying diseases and disorders that may affect adaptability to the specific planting area.

Monitoring and dating annual tree development stages
Determine optimal harvest date
Determine bearing and production potential
Monitor and qualify all ailments and weaknesses of cultivar, e.g. susceptibility to diseases, prolonged dormancy symptoms and incompatability responses

Fruit Evaluation

When it comes to harvest, Provar performs visual and sensory fruit evaluation and characterisation of fruit according to size distribution and total weight.

Perform fruit evaluation to learn and quantify visual and eating quality characteristics of your cultivar at harvest, mid cold storage, after storage and after shelf life.
Score your cultivar in terms of market acceptability and performance
Monitor and qualify all ailments, weaknesses and diseases
Classify and quantify different fruit sizes

Storage Evaluation

Provar evaluates the storage potential and shelf-life of your cultivars. We also identify fruit disorders with great attention to detail.

Monitor and qualify all cold storage ailments, weaknesses and diseases
Monitor and qualify the ability of your cultivar to keep consistent eating quality after storage

Other Services

We also provide specialised services.

Testing factors such as suitability for suboptimal soil conditions, plant-parasitic nematodes and replant situations, as well as horticultural aspects quantifying response and survival rate of rootstock x scion combinations and taking into account all aspects that may have an influence on tree performance and tree health.
Determine the adaptability of the cultivar by planting in variable environments and quantify adaptability disorders
Provar can evaluate and identify potential cross pollinators for cultivars through S-Allele characterisation and flower time specification
Provar can test the genotype authenticity of your cultivar by molecular fingerprinting
We assist clients during the whole chain of events through importation of new cultivars for evaluation in South Africa, coordinating each step through SA Quarantine, Plant Improvement Organisation and placement with the preferred Head Licensee. We will keep you informed through each step.
Provar can independently consult on genotype/varietal potential and improvement, develop evaluation management strategies, optimising and supporting new product development to meet client objectives.

"The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight."


Provar Tastings

Home of Provar Hosted Tastings

Provar hosts a bi-weekly tasting event at the Provar Laboratory in Paarl. During exhibitions, breeders, IP owners and licensees are able to showcase and promote their new and exciting fruit cultivars. Tasters can then rate these fruit selections based on a standard set of visual and sensory characteristics according to their spontaneous appreciation of the products. Evaluations occur in a structured and controlled manner ensuring standardized responses for objective comparison.

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Cultivar Evaluation Software

Standaridise your evaluation protocols and procedures with Provar's variety/cultivar evaluation software, Culteva™. Culteva is a comprehensive variety data collection and report management tool - built by evaluators for evaluators. Our mission is to develop easy to use tools to make data collection tasks less tedious and more accurate.