About Us

Independent, Impartial & Credible

We supply total independent evaluation for all cultivars and rootstocks marketed to producers. Our services are built on integrity, transparency and pure, clear-cut data collected through a distinguished association with each genotype under evaluation.

Objective & Scientific

Our practices add value through improved evaluation protocols using modern technology to supply the most accurate and reliable data. Our data collection is based on sound scientific principles and evaluation protocols that were created in consultation with specialists and based on international best practice.

Mitigating Planting Risk

Enabling and empowering producers to reduce financial losses by reducing the risk of expensive planting mistakes and safeguarding income by planting only favoured new cultivars. We supply peace of mind by assisting clients in selecting only those cultivars most likely to deliver the required financial return.

Improved customer value proposition

Providing the opportunity for clients to increase income through increased units of a specific cultivar sold and increase of per cultivar price. Reducing in-house evaluation overheads and planting on Provar evaluation sites to scale down internal evaluations cost centres.