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Provar Stone Fruit Evaluation Progress

The stone fruit evaluation season at Provar is at an advanced phase where 40 new cultivars and selections were evaluated to identify those with superior fruit quality and keeping ability and those best adapted to different growing areas. During our inhouse fruit exhibitions 50 cultivars were tested and in external fruit tastings 63 were evaluated to identify those to be advanced to next level evaluations. 

The Provar work plan focuses on independent, objective and scientific evaluation, ensuring complete independence and facilitating buy-in of clients to be serviced on a voluntary user pay basis in support of their own in-house evaluation. Standardised evaluation protocols are performed to manage & supply unbiased cultivar information data through latest technology on an accessible data integration & reporting platform. Provar evaluation results supply verified decision-making information to reduce the risk to cultivar owners and producers during planting of new cultivars.

Fruit exhibitions take place at Provar's laboratory in Paarl every other Friday, 9am - 3pm. Register on to receive notifications of future exhibitions. If you would like to submit samples at Provar's exhibitions, please contact Human at


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