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Industry Tastings hosted by Provar

Provar’s first industry fruit exhibition was successfully held on Friday 17 November 2017 hosting 34 attendees who participated in the tasting and evaluation of 10 Stone fruit cultivars and generously provided feedback on the taste samples using our new innovative software platform, Tastelab.

During exhibitions, breeders, IP owners and licensees are able to showcase and promote their new and exciting fruit cultivars. Tasters can then rate these fruit selections based on a standard set of visual and sensory characteristics according to their spontaneous appreciation of the products. Evaluations occur in a structured and controlled manner ensuring standardised responses for objective comparison.

Thanks to Provar's latest cloud-based software product, Tastelab, taster feedback is effortlessly recorded via mobile devices and instantly converted into meaningful reports. As soon as the exhibition concludes the tasting results are aggregated and an average score is calculated for each of the samples presented for tasting. These results are then reported via Tastelab, giving product owners immediate feedback on the relative ranking and liking of their products by the participating tasters.

Exhibitions take place at Provar's laboratory in Paarl every other Friday, 9am - 3pm. The next event is on Fri, Dec 1 2017.

Register on to receive notifications of future exhibitions. If you would like to submit samples at Provar's exhibitions, please contact Human at

It is important to remember that future planting decisions should not be based on the results of these industry fruit tastings alone and should be followed up with additional in depth evaluation.


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