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Tree Evaluation

We perform tree evaluation by monitoring tree characteristics at every stage, providing you with the full phenological sequence from budbreak to harvest, optimal harvest time and yield potential.

Fruit Evaluation

When it comes to harvest, Provar performs visual and sensory fruit evaluation and characterisation of fruit according to size distribution and total weight.

Storage Evaluation

Provar evaluates the storage potential and shelf-life of your cultivars. We also identify fruit disorders with great attention to detail.

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Choosing The Correct Plum Pollinator

Choosing The Correct Plum Pollinator

Jun 22, 2017 by Carl Hörstmann

Most of the commonly grown plum cultivars grown in South Africa require a cross-pollinator to effectively set fruit. The accompanying table has arranged a large number of plum cultivars grown in South Africa, roughly according to flowering window with a coloured indicator of genetic relationship.

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